Rezion City

Cat Cartel are ecstatic to not only announce but dive into our groundbreaking Metaverse partnership with Rezion City, bringing the world of Cat cartels to life! Our team is dedicated to innovating within the Solana NFT space and believe we’re on track to doing just that.
Rezion city is a virtual city formed on the ‘Earth 2’ Metaverse platform. Structured into over 16 districts/ suburbs of 10m x 10 land plots. It's built in line with Cat Cartels lore and will provide Cat holders the ability to establish their footprint in the very own Rezion city while taking part of an adventure of a lifetime.

Here's a breakdown of each individual district. 



  • D = Districts

    • With over 16 districts and suburbs, different Cartels maintain soft power over distinct districts based on location. 
    • The Halcones is known to possess significant sway in the inner districts of Rezion, notably 1A to - D8. Likely due to Halcones links in government and the upper class.
    • The Los Zaros maintain visible dominance over the Business districts & industrial hub of Rezion. The family has firmly established a legitimate and illegitimate businesses presence within Rezion, accounting for most of their wealth. The Los Zaros' soft control over the industrial hub allowed for their early dominance in the underground exportation of Zion to flourish. 
    • The Sicarios maintain influence in districts D9 to D14 alongside the suburbs. 
  • Business districts: Rezion is known geo-politically as a major trading hub in the Region. Both a Zion and agricultural powerhouse, the city receives swathes of foreign direct investment (FDI). In the metaverse, all commerce between players will take place in these districts.
  • A = Administration Building: At the heart of Rezion and represents lawfulness. Also known as the 'council chambers', all legislation and law is passed inside this structure. Council gathers and deliberates for hours at a time before passing laws. By default, tiles within these inner districts will have higher foot traffic in the metaverse and thus retains much higher value on the marketplace.
  • T = Tower = Defensive watch towers.
  • Teleportation island: A main transportation hub for cats. Teleportation will be a big factor in Earth 2s Metaverse. The island will serve as the main hub for cats/players teleporting in and out of Rezion
  • S = Suburbs. These represent districts/regions laid out by the lower class of cats migrating into Rezion for work. These suburbs reflect cheap standards of living and degrading levels of lawfulness. Many call them the breeding grounds of the Sicarios with violence rife. 
  • PVP = A district/arena for pvp and other in-game, metaverse activities. A recreational area of sorts, many cats engage in street fights and wrestling in this region. 
  • Port = The main source for exporting raw materials both legitimately and illegitimately. Zion is smuggled through these canal routes. 
  • We will continue to designate new areas within the city as planning continues. Stay tuned !

Due to several questions: For any cats interested in purchasing virtual estate within Rezion city this link will direct you to the E2 metaverse platform. You will need to create an account to do so ! Link:

Rezion city 5% referral: 0XELTIUH1U. Using this referral to purchase land will provide a 5% discount while crediting the Rezion city account 5% of the fee; helping fund and expand Rezion city and the project.

Heat map of Rezion City in the E2 Metaverse. 

Take a look at Rezions heatmap in the E2 metaverse! The city's inner suburbs are already entirely sold out - pushing each 10m x 10m piece of virtual land from $0.35c a tile to $1.02 in and around the city! If involved, cats can not only profit off increasing land prices, but also resource harvesting and land tax income.