Meet our team!

Cat King - Founder & Project Manager: 

  • Bachelors of Project Management

Longtime Crypto enthusiast and Investor since 2014. Passionate about Project delivery, NFT's, Web 3.0. Highly experienced in delivering large scale automation projects for corporations valued upwards of $50m.

CatKowri - Marketing and Strategic Lead: 

  • Bachelors of Finance and Marketing

CatKowri has had a strong presence in the Crypto world over the last decade. An early adopter of BTC and SMB's within the NFT ecosystem, CatKowri is well-versed in the digital marketing space and has a profound understanding of what drives successful crypto endeavours.

CatCorsair - Community Management and Partnerships: 

  • Bachelors of Business/Marketing
CatCorsair is a strong community manager with strong relationship management skills with a passion for DeFi and NFT's. His work with the Cat Cartel Project in managing our image, partnerships and community is highly regarded within the team. CatCorsair has strong relationship management skills and has been able to secure several major influencers to turn their gaze towards the world of Cat Cartel while securing marketing agreements on social media

TrueBluie - BlockChain Developer and Rust Specialist: 

  • Bachelors in Computer Science

TrueBluie has a decorated past in coding for renowned startups valued at $23M. His enthusiasm for coding alongside NFT's has made him a valuable asset to the team.

CartelMikeey - Digital Artist and Illustrator:

  • Bachelors of Information Technology

Cartel-Mikeey is a longstanding IT Specialist in a renowned technology services company that provide cybersecurity services to the world. Involved in the cryptocurrency world since 2017 and the NFT space for over a year, Cartel-Mikeey brings the love NFT's to the artwork he delivers for the project.

CatUri - Finance, Strategy and Development:

  • Bachelors in Finance

CatUri is a leading financial advisor for a major bank in Sydney, Australia. CatUri is responsible for the financial management of royalties from sales and how to embed the flow of funds to the future of the project