1. Q: What is Cat Cartel?

    Cat Cartel represents a postmodern world of deceit and power. Rezion city, an establishment already founded in the metaverse application ‘Earth 2’, embodies the centre of the Zion drug-trade power struggle between 3 notorious Cartels; the Los Zoras, Sicarios and the Halcones. Every minted cat will have an allegiance to one of these 3 cartels; which cartel will you belong to? 
    With Rezion city already, paid, built, and inhabited in the metaverse through ‘Earth 2’, we can bring our world to life through groundbreaking partnerships. The underground war to bring control over the exportation of Zion will change the Solana NFT ecosystem.

    Q: What is Lore?

    Lore refers to the action of storytelling, often through word of mouth. Cat Cartel will implement a world rich with lore and storytelling that will slowly unravel over time to provide an adventure for investors with unnamed treasures to possess. 

    Q: Virtual Real Estate?

    Cats will be able to own 10m x 10m land tiles in Rezion city and soon build upon it. Owning land within the city may provide benefits in the NFT adventure that is to come, however is NOT necessary! For reference, the price for a tile in Rezion rose from $0.35c to $1.02 due to buying pressure. This is one the external benefits related to purchasing land within the city! 
    With over 16 varying districts and suburbs, each district has a story to tell! Which cartels reign dominant over which areas? How will the dynamics of Rezion city change? Owning a cat will unlock the adventure of a lifetime with great treasures to behold.

    Q: What is $Zion?

    Zion comes in the form of tablets with its properties primarily stemming from the Zion plant. It is psychedelic cats are known to obsess over due to its remarkable enhancement of cognitive capabilities and its euphoric sensation after use. Our groundbreaking integration between lore, community and the metaverse will be the token of the infamous drug in which all the cartels are involved with...$ZION

    Q: How many Cats will there be?

    There will be 5,555 cats assigned to 3 separate cartels with external rarities being zombies, skeletons and robots.

    Q: What blockchain will you be using?

    We will be launching exclusively on the Solana blockchain.

    Q: How much will it be to mint one?

    We are closely analysing the price movements of Solana to establish a fair mint price closer to the mint date. With Solana's volatility our team do not want to distort fair value; thus, mint price will be announced several days before mint. The approximate price is roughly 0.5mint but it is subject to change. (Rest assured, you're in safe hands)

    Q: What are your secondary royalty fees?

    Secondary royalty fees will be set at 9.5%. This will channel into our dev fund used for marketing, operations and tax obligations.

    Q: What is our mission?

    To form an NFT world rich in lore and storytelling with immediate metaverse application. We strive to become one of the first Solana NFTs to bring immediate utility to our holders rather than empty promises and words. We genuinely believe the large and dedicated team behind Cat Cartel with swathes of experience in project management, marketing & finance will provide investors with value and results.

    Q: How will you reward holders of cats?

    Whilst we believe holding a cat in itself is highly rewarding, we plan on full-scale integration of lore into cryptocurrency. The Zion drug trade will be integrated into the blockchain to form a $Zion token. This token supply will be limited and will have enhanced value based on its utility throughout the adventure into Rezion city. Irrespective to the roadmap, we plan on partnering with major influencers on multiple platforms to gain exposure and paint NFT's, predominantly Cat Cartel in a favorable light.
  2. Furthermore, the adventure with Rezion's Cat Cartels and the subsequent story many holders will embark on will bring to fruition consistent airdrops of value. Needless to say, holding a cat can be considered a golden ticket.

    Q: Can i buy merch in Zion?

    Yes you can! Just pay the equivalent USD amount in Zion to the given address and add the txlink in the cart notes/instructions! We will fulfil your order after confirming its arrival.